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Passive Voice.

1.Turn the sentences from Active into Passive.

1They gave her a new car.

2.Charles will show us the new monument.

3.The girl offered him a cup of coffee.

4.Somebody will tell you about it.

5.They recommended me another book.

6.They asked me several questions.

7.We will send you a postcard next week.

8. They do not pay Jim very much.

II. Complete the sentences.

1.He came to the party without(to invite).

2.I do not like (to ask) stupid questions.

3.Most people like (to give) presents.

4.Mr.Kelly does not like his phone(to use) by other people.

5.He hate (listen) such music.

6.Tom enjoys(to play)football.

III. Past Simple Passive or Present Perfect Passive.

1.The decoration (complete) an hour ago.

2.The preparations for the party just (finish) and the guests are already arriving.

3.The baby (feed) an hour ago.

4.Christofer(feed) yet7-Not yet.

5.He(not see) for a week already.

 6The paper (not read) by any one yet.

7.The suit (not wear) for along time.

8.This fact (not mention) in his last speech.

9.I am happy as I just (allow) to stay here for an extra day.

10.She (teach)music in her childhood.

11.You ever (teach) how to play chess?

12.I just (advise) to keep to a diet.

13.The sportsmen (to give) instructions before the match.

14.The motorist (disqualify) some five months ago.

15.I can not believe my eyes! My book (publish) already!

Give the plural of: 1toe, city, hero, chief, Negro, belief, shelf, foot, boot, ox, fox, German, woman, mouth, mouse, child, goose, deer, cheese, ship, sheep, crisis, phenomenon, datum, nucleus, formula, room-mate, fellow-worker, man-of-war, boy-messenger, passer-by, sister-in-law. V. Replace the of-phrases by the nouns in the possessive case.

1.The wife of your teacher;

2.The order of the commander-in-chief;

3.The novel of Dickens;

4.The ball of the boys;

5.The life of the bachelor;

6.The address of a lady;

7.A distance of two milles;

8.The theatres of Moscow;

9.The rays of the sun;

10.The population of England;

11.The mother of May and Ann;

12.The children of my sister Irene.

Test (Present Simple and Present Progressive)

1.It is 12 o clock.The family (has\ is having) tea.

2.In the morning my mother (cooks/ is cooking) breakfast for us.

3. I(have /am having) a car and I usually (drive /am driving ) to work.

4. Dick (leaves/ is leaving) home at half past eight in the morning. He (goes/ is going) to his office by bus.

5. In the evening we (watch / are watching )TV.

6. Look at Mike. He (does /is doing ) his lessons.

7. The weather is fine. The sun (shines / is shining ) and it (does not rain / is not raining ).

8. It often (rains /is raining ) in autumn.

 9.Kitty ( likes / is liking ) ice-cream.

10.My friend ( lives / is leaving ) in London.

Литература: 1. Контрольные и проверочные работы по английскому языку для школьников под редакцией Г.Ю. Настенкова, Т.М. Сапгир Издательство «Дрофа»

Write the comparative and superlative forms.

Test №1
1. Cold

2. Big

3. Wonderful

4. Happy

5. Good

6. Cheap

7. Far

8. Hot

9. Cheerful

10. Comfortable

11. Easy

12. Bad

13. Nice

14. New

15. Expensive

16. Hungry

 17. Little

18. Pretty

19. Noisy

20. Terrible

21. Late

22. Hard

23. Few

 24. Old

25. Thin



26. Difficult



27. Young


Complete the sentences with a necessary form of the words in brackets.



Test №2



1. Your TV is much (good) than ours. 2. This is the (bad) film he’s ever seen. 3. His accent is (correct) than yours. 4. A woman seems to get (young) every year. 5. He’s the (fat) person in his family. 6. This is the (tasty) meal I’ve ever eaten. 7. She has a friend who’s much (pretty) than her. 8. She’s the (beautiful) in the class. Complete the sentences with a necessary form of the words in brackets.










Test №3



 1. A friend of mine married a girl who is much (young) than him. 2. Everest is the (high) mountain in the world. 3. The (bad) thing in the world is dishonesty. 4. I think she is the (good) person who ever lived. 5. She is (tall) than her sisters. 6. That is the (fast) car in the world? 7. Her flat is (small) than ours. 8. Who is the (famous) person in the world?

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